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    This case is to export tile brand - Qili sand in the Chinese Ceramics City Exhibition center. From our research to the final positioning, from the brand vision, exhibits aesthetic and spatial display have been re defined". For the ceramic industry diversification and consumption enjoyment, and guide the industry upgrading and transformation, we from the concept of the program to "micro" complex to design qilisha Hsintien.

    The concept of commercial complex, from the concept of "urban complex", the urban complex is to buildings based on integration of commercial retail, commercial office, hotel catering, apartments, comprehensive entertainment five core function in one of the "city within a city". And we hope that this exhibition hall through the function space constitute a series of sense, so that the overall mood is more fresh, but also in the environment in which customers have to explore and discover the joy of shopping into.

    From the The Inn Boutique style of the experience of the space for the entrance, the entrance of the window to form a display of the status of the window. The ground with herringbone spelling Carrara ground. The wall is unique to sand relief products Qili Shiba collocation. One is a virtual reality, show the three-dimensional space, enjoy the beauty of the ceramic tile. Let the show into the invisible, and the image of Taiwan with a real stone of Italy's. Compared with the natural and natural. Added a few tiles of the United states. And then to the interior of the street space is a new experience of the beginning of the function. Bag shop, shops, restaurants, tea ceremony, material area. We get rid of the traditional and standard products to show the attitude of product differentiation for the purpose of application. Emphasize the function of the space and the interest of the product. From a space to add a space in the transition carefully and neatly to produce a display of the location, each situation is like a complete and independent shops. Let the tiles and the overall space integration and the formation of a complex space.

    In addition to the interest of the space for a new interpretation, we have done in the light of the intelligent design, the space of the situation and function of the comb. Strengthen the dynamic and static situation experience. Allow customers to have a stronger sense of interaction in space.

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